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It takes more discipline than you might imagine to think, even for thirty seconds, in the noisy, confusing, high-pressure

atmosphere of a film set. But a few seconds' thought can often prevent a serious mistake being made about something that looks good at first glance. -Stanley Kubrick




Born and raised with a camera in his hands since the 2nd grade, Austin Williams has had a passion for making movies for just about his entire life. He took media tech classes all throughout junior high and high school in Mansfield, TX and followed it up with a degree in motion picture production from KD Conservatory in Dallas, TX in 2009.


Since his professional career began over 10 years ago, Austin has worked on just about any type of production imaginable. Ranging the full scope from features, shorts, television shows, commercials, music videos, corporate and industrial, web based and digital content...and everything else in between. After putting his hand in most of the departments a film set has to offer, he eventually found that his skill set is best suited within producing and assistant directing.


Austin founded his award winning production company Alfa Whiskey Entertainment in 2017 with his good friend and business partner, Tyler Case. Since it’s inception, Alfa Whiskey has gone on to produce 2 feature length narrative film, 2 feature length documentaries, 5 short films, 3 music videos, and 2 commercials.




Since the days of his youth, Garrett Schwindt was mesmerized by the moving image. From toys and dinosaurs brought to life, rushing the beaches of Normandy, to defending the tower to the death yet always living to save the day; these images inspired him to endure and fight through the difficult times. A magic that stirred the imagination with such intensity, he had to find out the essence behind these images.

Thus began the long journey to becoming a filmmaker. Eager to begin right away, Garrett worked on his older brother’s indie-crash-course short and feature films while only in middle school. Come high school,  he, along with the aid of his peers, started an after-school film program where they garnered numerous awards from their 24-hour film contest participations.

Garrett went on to get his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of North Texas in Radio, Television, Video and Film, where he took his passion from childhood dreams to professional craft. He received numerous awards for his photography and video work while attending.


He then went on to receive a scholarship to the David Lynch Master’s in Film Program in Fairfield, Iowa, where his thesis project, thirty-minute television pilot The Heartland, went on to win multiple awards.. Garrett also shot fellow classmates feature mockumentary, Rocksteppy, currently available on Amazon Prime.

Since school Garrett has gone on to work in commercial and narrative filmmaking, continuing to improve his craft and hone his cinematic eye. Whitetail is the latest feature for Garrett to lens, and he intends for it to be the culmination of his over ten year journey from film-lover to film-maker., pulling from his love of filmmakers like the Cohen Brother’s, Paul Thomas Anderson, and Stanley Kubrick to create striking, bold, and efficient images that cut to the bone.




Growing up in Bossier City, LA, less than half a mile from a video rental store, Jason spent a lot of time hanging out reading movie covers and checking out movie posters.  Being fascinated by the poster art at a young age inspired him to move to Texas after graduating high school where he attended The Art Institute of Dallas and earned an Associates degree in Graphic Design.  Soon after his life would change after seeing Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park. It was then that he knew exactly where he wanted to focus his career.  Jason returned to The Art Institute earning his second degree, this time in the Computer Animation Program.  One of the few schools that had an SGI lab and taught a powerful 3D software package called Power Animator.


With his new skillset he went on to work at JCPenney Corporate in the animation group producing in-house marketing videos and in-store productions.  Because of the advanced hardware and software platforms that JCP invested in he jumped at these opportunities to work with the same tools that Hollywood VFX studios were using and with of his base of 3D knowledge he was also invited to become a beta tester for a new software being developed called Maya. 

After JCP,  Jason began a new endeavor as an integration and workflow specialist then eventually started his own boutique animation and VFX business, Resolution Independence Studios, where he went on to produce his own animated series as well as provide VFX, Online, Color, and Editorial for many commercial and Indy Film projects. 

Today Jason is a full time employee at CineSys - Oceana, carrying the title VP of Media Solutions, which basically means he gets to consult in all things that revolve around creative media.  Its the perfect career that still allows him the freedom to freelance and of course work on movies. 




A horror fanatic even before he could walk or talk, a relentless desire to bring visions and stories to materialized fruition, Jörg has acquired skills and resources over the years for all fields of filmmaking and has little or no issues working around any obstacle to make things happen.

Jörg is extremely diverse in production and can literally fit anywhere into a production.  His love for the horror genre inspired the name and business of his Samhain Studios, where he takes his craft and breathes life into making frightening tales. To this day Jorge has directed 4 films, and has worked across several disciplines from sound to grip & lighting, producing, composing, editing, and most importantly camera operating, on countless of shorts, commercials, and features.

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